Architectuur van het Woudagemaal

Architecture of the Ir. D. F. Woudagemaal

The Woudagemaal has a rich history, also behind the architecture of the pumping station lies an interesting story. The Woudagemaal has been designed by Ir Dirk Frederik Wouda MSc. The special brick building is sleek and sober. Characteristics are the understated facade decorations and the horizontal facade layout of the Woudagemaal. The interior of the machine hall also carries the obvious characteristics of Rationalism, such as the steel trusses, the use of natural stone, oak, sophisticated colors and many decorative edges. Together, these features ensure that the Woudagemaal machine hall makes you feel like you are walking in a cathedral. Rationalism was the forerunner of the Amsterdam School, following the ideas of architect H. P. Berlage. Common was the use of bricks. The Amsterdam school style of building had its artistic peak at the beginning of the twenties of the twentieth century. The Amsterdam School saw itself as art. Also in her many utilitarian buildings.


The pumping station consists of a machine hall and a boiler house. Next to the building is an imposing sixty meters high smokestack. The large machine hall (62 x 15 m) is covered by an elongated saddle roof with three lower hipped roofs on both sides. The boiler house (32 x 15 m) has a saddle roof with a light cover. Architecturally and technically, Woudagemaal is a well-maintained monument from the end of the steam era.


Extraordinary World Heritage

Visit this magnificent World Heritage monument and discover the power of steam and water during a guided tour! Start your visit at the visitor center, where young and old can learn about the Woudagemaal. View our arrangements for an unforgettable day out! A visit to the Woudagemaal is perfect for various occasions and activities. It is also possible for visitors to experience the Woudagemaal under steam during one of the special training days. Wetterskip Friesland brings the pumping station under steam, on average twice a year. Would you miss this unique spectacle? Keep an eye on our online agenda!