Panoramazaal bezoekerscentrum Woudagemaal

Panorama room

Above the entrance of our visitor center, you can enjoy a delicious cup of coffee or tea in our panoramic room. This café, surrounded by glass walls, gives you a beautiful view over the bay of Lemmer and the IJsselmeer, so you can experience Friesland at its best! And in addition you will find yourself near the Woudagemaal: Our Panorama Room is one of the most unique sites in Friesland!




Besides acting as an ideal meeting space, it is also simply possible to visit the panorama room for coffee or tea. After a visit to the Woudagemaal it is wonderful to have to process all impressions while enjoying a beautiful view. See our arrangements here


Unique space next to a steam engine

Our panorama room is just steps away from the declared UNESCO World Heritage steam engine in 1998. A combination with a visit to this heritage is also obvious. When you plan this visit during the training days of the pumping station, you can experience the power that steam and water bring to the surface! A visit to the panorama room is therefore a unique experience during the training days of the Woudagemaal.


If you want to plan a visit to our pumping station, you will find an overview of the activities and opening times in our agenda.


Virtual view of the visitor center

Before you check out our panorama room, you can take a virtual look at our visitor center. In this way you get an idea of how the visitor center has been set up! After a brief introduction to this virtual tour, you can easily order tickets for a visit. In this way you combine an informative afternoon in the pumping station with a delicious cup of coffee or tea in our Panorama Room.