Faciliteiten bezoekerscentrum Woudagemaal

Facilities visitor center

The visitor center has all kinds of facilities, where young and old are informed about the functioning of the steam pumping station and water management in Fryslân. The visitor center has an interactive exhibition space, a 3D cinema, a panorama room and the Woudagemaal store. For children there is plenty to do in the visitor center. With the help of an exciting, challenging quest, children are informed in a playful manner about the operation and history of the Woudagemaal. Curious? Stop by the visitor center!


Interactive exhibition space

The interactive exhibition space offers a glimpse into the world of steam, power, water management and movement. In the interactive exhibition space of the Woudagemaal, it is explained in a simple way how the machinery of the pumping station works and which mechanical, physical and technical principles underlie this. It also explains how the steam pumping station functions and why the pumping station is recognized by UNESCO as having an exceptional universal value.


For children there is plenty to do in our interactive exhibition space. By means of an exciting quest, children are informed about the Woudagemaal in a playful manner. The fictional chief engineer Jelle Terpstra is asking children for help, when he has lost his memory after he slipped in a pool of lubricating oil. Jelle asks the children for help in deciphering special riddles, which inform them about the operation and the history of the pumping station. After the treasure hunt they will receive an official diploma as an Assistant Engineer.


Treasure hunt

At the Ir. D.F. Woudagemaal in Lemmer, assistant engineers are being trained almost daily. Children who visit this special UNESCO World Heritage site are introduced to Jelle Terpstra, the fictional chief engineer of the consort and the main character in the series of lessons and the interactive exhibition of the visitors center. Jelle lost his memory after he slipped into a pool of lubricating oil. He asks the young visitors for help in deciphering special riddles ... In an exciting quest, children playfully learn more about the functioning and history of the pumping station. Afterwards they receive an official diploma as Assistant Engineer.


English and German children can also earn an Assistant Engineer diploma. The new quests are suitable for children (and adults) from the age of 10, and there are three versions: Dutch, German and English. There are thirteen questions, subdivided into the themes of water, steam and history. The treasure hunt and the diploma as an assistant engineer are free when you visit the Woudagemaal and visitor center.


Woudagemaal shop

The Woudagemaal shop is also located in the visitor center. In our store you will find a wide range of great books and articles.