Audiotour Woudagemaal

Woudagemaal audio tour

On the basis of the audio tour you will experience a complete and unique tour of the Woudagemaal, a unique UNESCO World Heritage in the Netherlands. The audio tour can be heard through our app and functions as your personal guide.

Discover everything about the Woudagemaal thanks to the audio tour

Thanks to the audio tour you will discover everything about the history of the steam pumping station, the special architecture, the battle against the Frisian water level and the operation of the pumping station. Experience the Woudagemaal at its best and be informed in detail. Do you want to experience the complete experience? Download the Woudagemaal 360o app, which gives you a unique view of this world heritage! The Woudagemaal 360o app has 11 different languages ​​and lets you experience the magistral steam pumping station in virtual reality!


Listen to the audio tour in different languages

The audio tour can be heard in ten different languages: Dutch, Frysk, English, German, French, Polish, Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Japanese. Whether you visit the Woudagemaal as a tourist in your own country or from abroad, everyone can enjoy this unique World Heritage site thanks to the audio tour!