Visitorcenter Woudagemaal

Experience our interactive exposition, 3D cinema and coffee- and tearoom at the visitors center

Visitor center Woudagemaal

When you decide to visit the Woudagemaal as a day out, your acquaintance with the steam engine that opened in 1920 starts in our visitor center. In this visitor center you will find all information for young and old. For example, learn about the operation of the steam engine or about water management in Friesland (Wetterskip Fryslân). In this way you will not miss anything, and after a visit to the visitor center you will know the operation of the Woudagemaal inside and out! The visitor center also has many facilities.


Unique UNESCO World Heritage in the Netherlands

In 1998, the Woudagemaal was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and this is enough reason for many residents and foreigners to pay a visit. Many visitors understand our enthusiasm about the pumping station. The unique combination of water and steam brings unprecedented forces to the surface in this old steam engine: lucky for us! This ensures that the pumping station in the event of rain and hard winters, together with the Hoogland pumping station at Stavoren, succeeds in maintaining the Frisian damming soil.


Opening hours Woudagemaal

The visitor center is open from February to December. In the Christmas holidays, you can visit the Woudagemaal. When the steam engine is put into operation, you can of course also visit the pumping station. The opening hours are sometimes being adjusted. That is why you should check our agenda before a visit, because this is where we communicate the adjusted opening hours. When you are about to visit the Woudagemaal, you can easily order tickets in our ticket shop.


Woudagemaal wheelchair & rollator friendly

Both the visitor center and Woudagemaal itself are accessible for the disabled. The visitor center also has a disabled toilet. Are you planning a visit with a group of people of which one or more persons using wheelchairs? Please inform us in advance, so that we can adapt our services to your needs.